Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

  1. I. Logistics and Supply Chain Overview
    1. A. Logistics Fundamentals
    2. B. Logistics Strategy within the Supply Chain
    3. C. Lean Logistics
  2. II. Capacity Planning and Demand Management
    1. A. Aligning Supply and Demand
    2. B. Translating Demand into Capacity Planning
    3. C. Demand Management
    4. D. Sourcing and Procurement of Inventory
  3. III. Order Management
    1. A. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    2. B. Order Management
    3. C. Customer Service Management (CSM)
  4. IV. Inventory and Warehouse Management
    1. A. Inventory Management in Logistics
    2. B. Inventory Management Methods
    3. C. Inventory Control
    4. D. Warehousing Strategy and Management
    5. E. Packaging and Materials Handling
  5. V. Transportation
    1. A. Transportation Fundamentals
    2. B. Modes of Transportation
    3. C. Transportation Management
  6. VI. Global Logistics Considerations
    1. A. Infrastructure and System
    2. B. Regulations
    3. C. Customs Clearing and Documentation
    4. D. Finance and Payment Options
    5. E. Currency and Tax Considerations
  7. VII. Logistics Network Design
    1. A. Facilities Planning
    2. B. Distribution Network Design
    3. C. Risk Management
  8. VIII. Reverse Logistics and Sustainability
    1. A. Reverse Logistics
    2. B. Sustainability